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High Asset Divorce – Riverside

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When you decide to get a divorce, you are facing the most complex, emotional and highly-contested legal disputes heard in a courtroom.

When either spouse has accumulated significant assets, it is important to hire an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney for your complex financial divorce.

When either spouse has a high net worth, it is not uncommon for him or her to own a business, corporation or other professional practice.  This becomes a complicated matter because all assets and liabilities are considered in determining an equitable division of the marital estate.

In addition, investments, real estate, retirement accounts, stock options, bank accounts, etc. are also among the highly-valued assets that must be reviewed by the couple.  Don’t forget personal property, such as jewelry, artwork, vehicles, furniture, etc.

The attorneys at the Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderosn in Riverside have an extensive knowledge and the skills required for the most complex divorce cases.  We will worth with you to create a comprehensive plan devised for your specific financial needs.

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