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High net worth divorce

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A couple heading for divorce court that has a high net worth, will most probably face complex financial circumstances and challenges, especially if there is a lot of property involved.

High net worth divorces usually involve areas such as:

·     Business valuations

·     Real estate valuations

·     Asset appraisals and protection

·     Uncovering any hidden assets or undisclosed assets

·     Enforcing and/or challenging prenuptial agreements

Dividing these types of estates requires properly valuing the property and characterizing all assets as either marital or non-marital property.  By settling these types of matters outside of court, it allows the couple to maintain greater control over their divorce, saving each money and time.

If you are a high net-worth couple heading for divorce court, it would be wise if you contacted a Riverside Divorce attorney who has experience in high net worth divorces and will effectively advocate for your interests.

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