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How children can benefit in divorce

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Two of the most important issues that come up in divorce cases are child custody and child support.  Divorce, for the most part, can be an unhealthy situation for children; it can cause them to be unhappy and angry at their parents.

Today, children have much more extracurricular activities to keep them busy – with others and with their parents.  They may even be exposed to some divorce benefits:

·     Relationship building – divorce can teach a child to adapt to new challenging living situation by

meeting new people

·     Communication – teaches a child how to communicate with both parents regarding when

school projects are due or details regarding other activities

·     Time management – must plan ahead/think ahead to make sure they have what they need

·     Organization – teaches a child to be on top of things – what needs to be at which house,

keeping track of things

Divorce does not have to be a bad thing for your child.  It can actually present your child with benefits that help you make the most of your new life.  If you have questions regarding divorce and making sure it is not unhealthy for your child, speak to an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who can help offer advice on how you and your ex-spouse can work together to give your child a friendly and healthy divorce.

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