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How Do I Get My Step-Children To Like Me?

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How Do I Get My Step-Children To Like Me?

You finally met the man of your dreams and you said the words you thought you never would say, “I do.” You’re looking for a wonderful future with the man you love, but he has children – you are not sure if you will get along with them, let alone be known as their stepmom.

Being a stepparent isn’t always easy. Love takes time to grow and it will take time to get to know each other. Stepparents often get a bad rap, but that doesn’t have to happen to you if you take the time to learn the proper way to bond with your new stepchildren. Keep in mind – it is possible, no matter how hard it may seem at first.

The process of bonding with stepchildren has to be taken carefully. Make sure you always tell them what a good job they did, how proud you are of them, and thank them for things they do. Praise is always good. In addition, be interested in their interests and hobbies, help them with homework, and do fun stuff together.

Keep an open heart and give the children lots of space and time to adjust to you – to love you. Never give up. However, if things aren’t working out as you thought they would, consider family therapy. While some stepfamilies bond quickly, others take a longer time.

Although many blended families work perfectly well and offer loving relationships, problems sometimes exist. If you have family issues that need to be resolved and don’t believe you can deal with these conflicts on your own, contact the Riverside family law office of Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson so they can work alongside your family and help you through the many transitions ahead.

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