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How to tell if your relationship is worth keeping

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Sometimes a relationship is worth keeping; it needs two people to work at it so the issues can be resolved.  Marital needs include survival, safety, love, esteem and actualization.

In order for any relationship or marriage to be saved, it must have the following:

·         Communication

·         Mutual trust

·         Honesty

·         Kindness and care for each other

·         Sense of safety

If your relationship or marriage has the following, you need help:

·         No communication

·         Lack of trust

·         Dishonesty

·         Abuse and lack of care

·         Lack of safety

If your marriage lacks the qualities of a good marriage, and divorce is your only option, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who will discuss your next steps with you and help you get on the road to a brighter and happier future.

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