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I didn’t hit my wife – help me!

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Unfortunately, domestic violence occurs thousands of times every day in the United States.  Even though men are responsible for more than 90% of these incidents, women play a part as well.

Domestic violence is considered a criminal act that involves physical, sexual, or psychological abuse within an intimate relationship. Incidents may involve battery, assault, force, harassment, physical abuse, sexual abuse, stalking or verbal threats.

It is unfortunate, but domestic violence is also one of the easiest crimes to fabricate.  For a very long time false allegations of domestic violence have been a ploy when it comes to divorce and child custody proceedings.  Statistics show that about 80% of domestic violence charges against men are false or greatly exaggerated.

What judge will give you custody of your child when you have a criminal record?

Are you a father who has been falsely accused of domestic violence?  The outcome of a domestic violence case can have lasting effects on you and your family.  “What are my rights”, you ask.

You have the same rights as anyone.  You are assumed innocent until proven guilty.  It is very important to hire a knowledgeable Riverside Family attorney who you can trust to aggressively fight for your rights.  At Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson are passionate about family law and are ready to handle your domestic violence case.

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