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I Need Child Support, But I Never Married!

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There was a time when most families included a mother, father and children. Over the years, the family has changed. Today, many families consist of a single parent – some who have never married the other parent.

What happens when an unmarried parents separates and there are children involved? The laws that protect a married couple do not apply to a live-in relationship. Even when a man is listed as the father on a birth certificate, there is no presumption of paternity.

Being an unmarried single mom can bring problems for the children involved. Who will be the primary guardian of the child? Without a court order, there could be consequences, including:

  • Establishing paternity – no proof of parentage – no child support
  • Applying for welfare – public housing, food stamps, medical coverage

When unmarried parents separate without a court order in place, there are certain decisions made regarding the father’s rights, visitation, and child support.
These include:

  • The father is given 0% time to spend with his child
  • Federal child support can still be as high as $200 per month
  • If the father does not pay support, he can be subject to prosecution
  • The mother can change the visitation agreement whenever she wants – except if made by the court

Once paternity is established, the mother can ask for court-ordered child support. Child support is for the benefit of the child and every child deserves the help of both parents.

If you need an attorney with the compassion and credentials to ensure that your child receives the necessary support, contact the Riverside family law offices of Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson.

We are committed to ensuring that your child receives an appropriate level of financial support during his or her growing years. We will create a solution that is financially beneficial and fair for both parents – without sacrificing opportunities for your child, such as sports or other extra-curricular activities that contribute to the development of a well-rounded child.

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