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Internet & Divorce don’t mix well

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If your status is ‘separated’ or ‘going through a divorce’ you might want to stay off Facebook.
Social networking sites may be the culprit contributing to a sharp increase in divorce, and anything you say on your Facebook or Myspace page may be held against you in court.

Social networking sites are incredible resources for finding and reconnecting with classmates, co-workers and making new friends. It can also be a way to rekindle old flames. For a lot of couples, that’s landed them in divorce court and given jilted spouses evidence of their partner’s adultery.

Statements made on these types of websites can become important in divorce litigation. More and more social media sites are coming between once committed couples. People will say anything on social media sites, and when they do, anyone can find it.
Before the internet, extramarital affairs were difficult to prove unless the spouse caught their spouse’s fling on tape. Now with these sites, private issues become public. Of course social networking sites are not the root cause of failed relationships and divorce. These sites are merely tools that facilitate the temptation to re-connect with a former love.

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