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Is your husband cheating on you?

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Do you have a feeling that something is just not right in your home but can’t put your finger on the problem?  Do you suspect that your husband is cheating on you?

Suspicion of infidelity is a terrible thing that causes you anxiety, insecurity, depression, and can occupy your thoughts all the time. Many questions come to mind, which include:

·     Is our relationship over?

·     Will it ever be the same?

·     Does he love me?

·     Can I trust him again?

Signs to look for include:

·     He appears distant

·     Shows no interest in you

·     Comes home late – takes a shower immediately

·     Losing respect for you

·     Stops wearing his wedding ring

Once you have confronted him and find out that your suspicions are true and decide to file for divorce, first contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney.  It is important to understand your options if you decide to go through with a divorce.

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