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Working Together is Good for All: Joint Custody Agreements

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Did you know that children in joint custody arrangements have fewer behavioral and emotional problems? In addition they have high self-esteem and better family and school relationships. Children need both parents in their lives.

The following are some helpful hints to make sure that co-parenting and joint custody work in your family:

  • Set up a reasonable routine that is in the best interests of your child – while accommodating
    both parents’ schedules
  • Make sure holidays alternate between each household every year
  • A suggestion for custody the week:
      The child should stay with one parent Monday through Thursday and the other for the rest of the week – change every six months
  • Don’t play the guilt card – don’t give your child the power to decide where to stay
  • Be involved in both fun and games, as well as chores and homework
  • Try to agree with your ex-spouse – the more you two agree, the less time you need to
    spend in a courtroom
  • Never bad mouth each other to or in front of your child
  • Be flexible no matter what

It’s common knowledge that most children do not have an easy time dealing with their parent’s divorce. Even when joint custody works well with younger children, it doesn’t always with teenagers who sometimes would rather be with their friends than with their parents.

It’s up to you to make the situation more bearable – cooperate and communicate with your ex-spouse and follow the above guidelines in order to make a sticky, somewhat stressful situation manageable.

Deciding who will be the is a very important decision; however, the involvement of both parents is always preferred. If you need help with coming up with a good, solid co-parenting plan, speak with an experienced Cucamonga Family Law attorney. Call the Holstrom Family Law offices for an attorney who can help you and your former spouse determine the best custody arrangement for your family.

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