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Keep Your Divorce Offline

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Seeking support from friends in your divorce is fine, just do not do it through social media. Every user should understand that the content you post on these sites is available for everyone and anyone to view, including attorneys and judges involved in your case.

In July 2008, T.W. Smith posted a video of herself commenting on the terms of her prenuptial agreement with her then-husband P. Smith. She also made degrading comments about Mr.Smith on the video. The video was seen over three million times, including New York Justice Harold Beeler. He ruled in favor of Mr. Smith, granting him a divorce on the grounds of cruel and inhumane treatment.

Reaching out to friends and family can help one cope with the stress of a divorce, but it’s best to keep such private information for telephone and face-to-face conversations. Traditional conversations not only preserve privacy, but they make allowances for inflection, tone, sarcasm and humor; written words can easily be taken out of context and seen in a negative light, regardless of the author’s intention.

While you understand the importance of keeping your public-facing social media use for fun, not for serious matters, your spouse may not. If your spouse has posted incriminating, degrading, or inappropriate content, immediately download and save the data. Then contact an experienced divorce attorney immediately.

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