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Keeping the house after divorce

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During divorce proceedings, usually both parties want to stay in the family home.  Why shouldn’t they?  It’s comfortable and it’s familiar.  It’s a safe place to be when everything around you seems uncertain.  However, there is one thing to take into consideration and that is how will the mortgage payment be made?  Does it make financial sense to stay there?

Something to consider is what your expenses will be in keeping the house.  Do you have to give up something in order to keep this stability for yourself and your children?  A property settlement is an important decision in divorce proceedings and cannot be changed once it is made – it is final.

Whatever the case might be – the wife living in the house and the husband paying the mortgage payments, the wife or husband buying the other person’s half of the house, or co-ownership, it is wise to discuss all your options with an experienced California Family Lawyer.  In some divorces, there is so much animosity between the two parties that it would be best to just cut all ties.  Your attorney will discuss all your options with you and come up with a plan that is best for you and your children.

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