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Is There Life After Divorce?

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Did you wake up one morning and learn that your husband of 15 years wants a divorce?

The divorce rate in California is very high; everyone’s divorce story is different. You may have been married for 15 years; another person maybe only a year. You may have children; another person maybe not. Perhaps you’re relieved your marriage is open or maybe you’re heartbroken – or maybe a little of both.

You went through the process and it’s now over. You’ve signed the divorce papers and the relationship that you thought would last forever is officially dissolved. How did you get here? And, how do you begin your new life as a single woman?

The following are some helpful hints to get you through this emotional time:

  1. Let yourself mourn, but not forever
  2. Work through your feelings; don’t bring your heavy baggage into your new life
  3. Work on getting confidence back into your life
  4. Find that gal of years ago; rediscover who you used to be
  5. Look for changes you can say yes to; don’t dwell on what’s out of reach
  6. Being alone doesn’t have to mean being isolated; check out all the opportunities for social connections
  7. Once you’re ready, look outside of your comfort zone for someone who may not be your original type

If you are facing a divorce, you should understand that you will have to make a number of important and difficult decisions that will have an impact on you and everyone else in your family.

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