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Life after divorce

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Divorce can change your life forever.  Your lifestyle will not be the same.  With a little help from perhaps a counselor, you will be on a new and brighter path quickly.  For now, baby steps… put one foot in front of the other and get on with your life as it now is. 

You will find that everything you do is different now – even filling out an application and checking the box that says, ‘single or divorced’.  Your schedule is different along with holiday traditions, etc.  This is not always a bad thing; don’t hold onto the old – get on with the new. 

The new path that has come before you is one of adventure – it no longer consists of fear or bad times.  You may not think you can take this new found path, but you can – you will make it down the road.  Just remember to be good to yourself and dream a little.  Dreams do come true. 

The new path has a stop along the way and that is to make new family traditions, especially when children are involved.  Do something with your children that your former spouse used to do. 

Just remember, divorce is a process that does come to an end.  You will make it through and the new path you choose to walk down will be a good one for you and your children.  Life is not over; it can be better after divorce.

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