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Making the Transition: Divorce to a New Life

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Is your once upon-a-time “forever” about to be over?

Moving on after divorce means you need to open yourself to new experiences – look at things differently.  You, and only you, must take an active role in rebuilding your life.  A new life isn’t going to knock at your front door – you must go out and find it.

The attorneys at Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson in Riverside have seen a lot of hostility and arguing between couples during the divorce process.  It’s strange to think that once this couple was very happy, but after years of acrimonious living, hurt feelings and grudges have come to play.

If children are involved, it is important for the couple to understand that even though their marriage is about to end, raising their children is not.  They must work together to come up with an effective co-parenting strategy for the sake of their children – they must make sure their children always feel loved, safe and a sense of stability.

I have said time and again that a strong communication strategy can really help a divorcing couple.  In order for it to work, you must let go of past hurts and disagreements.  Emotions should be left at the door.

Most divorces have the potential to become contentious.  Protect yourself by consulting with an experienced

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