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Marriage and prenuptial agreement

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Divorce has become part of Southern California’s society.  It is a common occurrence today because in spite of everyone’s good wishes, not all marriages last forever.

In Southern California, statistics show that about 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce.  Pretty scary odds – especially for the bride who is looking for her beautiful white wedding dress.  Statistics indicate that about two-thirds of men enjoy a better lifestyle post-divorce, while only about one-third of women experience that.

Because of these scary odds, many couples consider a prenuptial agreement, especially if they have a lot of assets or children from a previous relationship.  By addressing these issues before the wedding, there is a greater likelihood that the possibility of a marriage not lasting forever discussion will be born out of love and a desire to be fair.

If a divorce does happen, many questions will still have to be answered, such as who keeps the family home?

If you are planning on walking down the aisle and want to protect yourself just in case divorce is down the road, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who can discuss the best options for you to take.

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