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Marriage contracts or pre-nuptial agreement

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Marriage contracts are becoming more and more popular and not only for the rich and famous.  They protect average and regular people as well.  A marriage contract is signed before or immediately after a wedding takes place and provides personal and custom-made rules for dividing property if the couple separates down the road.  This agreement also applies to common-law couples.  It is a binding contact when signed by both parties.

When approaching the idea of a marriage contract, be sensitive and tactful.  A marriage contract can actually create a comfortable and secure atmosphere.  It never hurts to sit down and discuss what the future can bring.  If a common-law couple signs a cohabitation agreement, it will automatically become a binding marriage contract if they choose to wed.

It is nice to think you do not need a contract because you will be married forever.  However, forever can end quickly in some cases.  Anything can happen.  There are pros and cons about marriage contracts.  Take the time to discuss with your partner and know that marriage contracts are simple, binding agreements that allow a couple to set up their own personal and private set of rules to govern their marriage or relationship.  An experienced Family Law attorney can help you decide what is right for you and your partner.

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