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Marriage counseling

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Are you aware that many couples decide to divorce without having first attempted marriage counseling?  Are you one of them?

What about the marriages that have lasted for a very long time and have small children involved?  Don’t you think marriage counseling is at least worth trying?  You are the only one who can make the decision to divorce.

The word divorce is usually spoken when there is an extramarital affair by one of the spouses, or a lack of shared interests, no communication or the couple has just grown apart.  When both spouses are motivated to try and save the marriage, there is a chance to do so with the assistance of an experienced marriage counselor.

Never take the decision to divorce lightly and never make that decision following a heated argument.  Consider the impact of divorce on your children, not just yourself.  This is not just an emotional issue – there are practical considerations such as finances to think about.

If you and your spouse just don’t see eye to eye on some issues, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who can be of great assistance to you in possibly resolving your family problem areas.

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