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Marriage rights, responsibilities and benefits

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Marriage is an important institution – a way for adults to express their commitment, devotion and love to each other.  The legal and social benefits of marriage protect individuals on many levels, which include legal, financial, emotional and social. 

Marriage presents many benefits and responsibilities to couples who choose to marry.   These include:

·         Inheritance without a will

·         Medical – insurance, make medical decisions, hospital visitation rights, leave to care for partner

·         Cannot testify against partner in court

·         Tax benefits when filing a joint tax return

·         Divorce – joint parenting, visitation of children, property division

·         Exemption from gift and estate transfer taxes

·         Right to file a wrongful death claim

·         Receiving social security, Medicare and disability benefits for spouse

·         Responsible to paying each other’s debts

·         Etc. 

Whether or not you favor marriage as a social institution, you must admit marriage bestows you with rights, protections and benefits. If you are considering marriage and have questions regarding the benefits associated with it, contact an experienced Riverside County Family Law attorney who can review all the benefits and responsibilities associated with marriage and help you make decisions that will benefit you.

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