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Mediation or Collaborative Divorce

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Going through a divorce is a difficult time for all concerned – adding stress and expense can really make the situation devastating.

Why not consider mediation or the collaborative divorce process?  Mediation and collaborative divorce can be excellent options for some, but not for all.  These options allow the couple to have more control in arriving at a mutually acceptable agreement.  The process involves cooperation, not adversary.  These options are beneficial for the parents who want or need to work together because of their children.

When there is disagreement over child custody and visitation, a judge may issue an order for the couple to attend mediation where a neutral party helps the couple arrive at an agreement on issues in conflict.  Mediation does not help a couple who are unwilling to participate – who are unwilling to communicate with each other.

With collaborative divorce, the couple can take control of the outcome, resulting in less conflict between them and satisfaction for both.  Each party is represented by their own attorney who helps facilitate an agreement.

If you are considering divorce, contact a Riverside Family Law attorney who has experience in collaborative divorce and will help you achieve a resolution to the issues facing you.

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