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Men and divorce

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 Men act differently when they hear their wife wants a divorce.  Some act with silence, while others storm out of the house or get just plain nasty.

 Even if your husband has an easy-going attitude, hearing you want a divorce can really change his demeanor.  The stress of divorce changes a person even when the subject has come up before.  If things get ugly, leave for a while.

 You need to come up with a plan because if your spouse starts doing crazy things, anything can happen.  People do and say foolish things when they are angry and upset.  Sometimes doing nothing is the best way to handle the situation.  If your husband is angry and disagreeable, nothing will change his mind.  Don’t waste your time and energy on him when he’s in an unreasonable state of mind.

 If you are ready to take the first step towards divorce and do not want to deal with your husband or his attitude, contact a qualified Riverside County Family Law attorney who will listen to your situation, explain the procedure and discuss your options with you.

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