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Michael Douglas’ divorce battles still going

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Michael Douglas and his ex-wife, Diandra, are still in a court battle, even though their divorce was final in 2000 after 23 years of marriage. 

Diandra is fighting for half of the earnings that came out of his 2010 movie, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”.  The first movie, Wall Street, was made while the two were still married.  The divorce judgment gave Diandra a share of proceeds from movies Michael did when they were married.  Michael’s attorneys say the agreement does not apply to the second Wall Street movie because it wasn’t even thought of until the couple was no longer together. 

Her lawsuit was thrown out in November by a New York judge.  He said it should be resolved in California, where the couple divorced. 

At the time of their divorce, Diandra was awarded more than $51 million.  You would think that would be enough for a lifetime, but some people – the more they receive, the more they want.  Michael Douglas’ attorney says his client’s ex “should be ashamed of herself”. 

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