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When a divorce is final, the final decree will contain the basic details about support payments, including spousal and child, the amount and the duration.  Circumstances change all the time; a parent may be unable to meet his or her responsibilities due to significant changes in their lifestyle or financial situation – and that is when a post-divorce modification can be requested.  

With changes in the economy today, many individuals are seeking support modifications.  Paying too much while out of work or ill is devastating.  Of course, the prospect of receiving less money can be terrifying to the recipient.  In the context of family law, those changes often make it necessary to file for modification of child support and/or custody, and spousal support.  

If you no longer can pay the amount of child support you have been ordered to pay, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who will discuss your options with you and the potential impact to your ex-spouse, and help you move forward with the best strategy.

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