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No need for a marriage contract

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When a couple chooses to get married, they usually believe it will be forever.  They are so much in love, they cannot think of the possibility of divorce down the road.  They will be married forever because they have a good relationship.

A good relationship consists of three parts:

1.      true and mature love – this includes patience, honesty, respect, forgiveness, a sense of humor, capable of loving and the ability to work on the relationship

2.      realistic expectations – realize that anything can take place regarding money matters, children, sickness

3.      solving problems – a couple must know how to identify problems that arise and how to fix them together 

Unfortunately, some marriages do come to an end no matter how happily they started out.  A marriage contract is a binding agreement that allows couples to set some rules that will govern their marriage.  For more assistance and information, contact an experienced California Family Law attorney.

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