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Parental arguments negatively affect children

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A new study released March 28, 2013 in the journal for Child Development shows that arguments between Mom and Dad can alter the stress responses of children. This can result in kids who lag behind their peers in problem solving.

Coming to the realization that your marriage may be failing and all of that stress and conflict is hurting your child is hard. When you are having conflicts with your spouse on a daily basis you sometimes get so introverted or concerned with your situation that you don’t realize how this may affect your children. As hard as it is sometimes the only way out is separation.

At the law office of Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson we see this all to often and we make the process and the transition as stress free and as quickly as possible so that you can work on getting your children the stability they need.

Call us today for a free consultation, we are here for you and we can help you have peace in your home.

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