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Plan your estate

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Give your family a precious gift after you are gone.  Stop putting off preparing an estate plan and do it now.

Dealing with a serious illness or death in the family is very traumatic for all concerned.  No one is ever prepared for a loved one’s death.  Don’t add to the difficulty your family will experience after your death.  Don’t burden them with all the issues that will arise regarding managing or disposing of your estate.

Do you ever leave your children with others to take a vacation?  Do you have a Power of Attorney prepared in the event your child needs to be taken to the hospital in your absence?  What’s going to happen if you suddenly become incapacitated?  Who will pay your bills and take care of your property?

Have you legally protected yourself and your loved ones?  Are you one of the many people who think you are young and you have time to do this later in life?  What happens if you are in a serious accident?  Making estate planning is a priority at any age.

Contact an experienced Riverside Family attorney who can help you create an individual estate plan designed specifically to meet your goals – A plan that ensures your estate will pass to whom you want, when you want and how you want.  Your family will be protected and you will have peace of mind.

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