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Post-divorce issues

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The process of divorce can sometimes seem long and demanding.  It seems like there are details that need to be dealt with on a daily basis.

When the couple is not hostile to each other, the matter is relatively simple and straightforward. However, when there is acrimony and disagreement, the divorce is more complicated.  Eventually the day comes when the divorce is final.  Unfortunately, many divorces do not end of that day.

Oftentimes there are post-divorce issues that arise that include spousal support, child support, and child visitation.  When a child gets older, their needs increase and therefore, require more support to pay for them.  What happens if the parent who is paying the support loses his or her job?  This is the time to request a modification in the terms of the divorce.

If you are facing post-divorce issues, consult with an experienced Riverside Family attorney who will discuss the best options that are available to you in your situation.

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