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Post-divorce matters

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Certain issues in a divorce can be modified by a judge after a hearing.  It does not matter if the issues were settled by you and your former spouse or decided by the judge.

These issues include:

·     Child custody

·     Child support

·     Spousal support

·     Visitation

However, these issues can only be modified if one of you can show that there has been a substantial and continuous change in circumstances.  A significant change would include losing your job, remarriage or inheriting a lot of money.  If you want to change child custody orders, you must show that you are moving out of the area or your child’s needs are changing as he or she gets older.

Another post-divorce issue is when your spouse disobeys an order that the judge made.  Examples of disobedience:

·     Failure to pay support

·     Refusal to allow visitation

If your spouse is not following the divorce judgment entered, contact an experienced Riverside Family attorney who can discuss your legal options with you and advise you how to proceed.

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