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Protecting your credit during divorce

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As though divorce is not stressful enough, what do you do when your soon-to-be ex-spouse continues to spend and use the credit cards after the separation?  This could turn out to be a financial nightmare.  What’s going to happen to your credit?

There are ways to preserve your good credit during a divorce.  Follow these steps to ensure your credit does not suffer:

·     Obtain a credit card in your own name in order to build your own credit score

·     Look into your joint accounts and find out the balance due

·     Determine your marital property

·     Determine your marital debts

·     Keep track of all your purchases on each joint credit card

Finally, obtain the services of a diligent and experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who will advocate on your behalf and work to protect your interests – one who will make sure your credit does not suffer.

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