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Reasons for divorce

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Every day in California and the rest of the country, a couple is heading for divorce court.  I wonder how many of these couples tried everything possible to save their marriage before walking into that courtroom.  You would be surprised at some of the reasons people end their marriage.

Reasons include:

·     Financial problems – Money should not be a reason to end a marriage, but unfortunately it is,

     especially when one or both partners are unemployed.

·     Cheating – Men are not the only ones cheating on their partners; women cheat also.  Once

     cheating is discovered, it’s very hard to forget or forgive.

·     Careers – A job can get in the way, especially if one partner works days and the other nights.

·     Not having children – When one partner cannot have children, it may result in a divorce.

·     Abuse – One of the highest ranking reasons – no one should suffer physical or emotional


·     Lack of communication – Very important in a marriage. Without it, you have almost nothing.

·     Loss of Interest/Boredom – Sometimes people just grow apart and lose interest in each other.

·     Addictions – Being addicted to alcohol or drugs is harmful to any marriage.

If you are considering a divorce for any reason, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who will protect your rights and interests.

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