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Rebuilding trust with your ex-spouse

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Co-parenting means two people working together.  You must be willing to meet your ex-spouse half way in order for this to work – in order to satisfy your children’s best interests.  Putting all feelings aside, you have to consider your children’s feelings and work hard to provide a good environment for your children.

Follow these simple tips and your co-parenting relationship will be just fine.

·  You and your ex-spouse should be considerate of each other.  Let him or her know about school events or after-school activities, such as parties, dances, recitals.

·  Ask for his or her opinion or input on a subject involving your children – let him or her participate in the decision-making.  This can jump-start positive communications between the two of you.

·  Keep your word.  If you make a promise regarding anything, you better have a valid reason if you have to break that promise.

·  Listen to what your ex-spouse has to say.  You don’t have to be the one always talking.  Listening to what the other person is saying is a key ingredient for a successful co-parenting relationship.

·  Let your ex-spouse know that his or her relationship is very important to your children.

Remember, this is mostly for your children; however, it will make your life a whole lot easier.  These are just a few helpful hints; the rest is up to you.  Your co-parenting relationship will run smoothly and have fewer and fewer bumps in the road.  If you need additional advice, contact a successful Riverside Family Law attorney who can help pave the way to a healthier life for you and your children.

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