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Refusing to sign divorce papers

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divorce is initiated by a spouse filing a petition with the court. It is then served to the other spouse who has 30 days to provide a response. If both parties agree to the divorce, it can be an easy process; however, if an agreement cannot be reached, the matter will be taken to the court.

Have you gotten divorce papers from your spouse and you do not agree with what is on them? You can refuse to sign the papers; however, by not signing them, it will only delay the inevitable. In addition, if you refuse to sign the papers because you do not want to end your marriage, obtaining a divorce will become more difficult.

Signing divorce papers is one of the last steps in finalizing your divorce. If you have received divorce papers from your spouse and do not want to sign them, I would suggest you contact an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney who will discuss legal options that are best for you and help you get on the road to a new and brighter future.

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