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Relocating after a divorce

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When a divorce is finalized and custody and visitation rights determined, most couples go their separate ways to rebuild their lives as a single parent.

In a perfect world, custody issues work smoothly and there’s no need for modification or disputes.  But, what happens when the custodial parent needs to relocate for his or her job?  This is when child visitation issues come to the forefront.  There is a strong possibility that the judge may prevent the parent from moving, especially when the other parent enjoys regular contact with the child.  The non-custodial parent may need to take measures, such as petitioning for custody or modification, to keep the parent from moving.  In turn, the custodial parent will have to prove that relocating is necessary for financial reasons.

If you find you are in need of legal guidance on a matter of relocation, it is in your best interests to contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney immediately who will assist you with the matters of relocation.

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