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Relocation agreement after a divorce

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After divorce, parents want to start fresh; some want to move out of the area and begin their lives all over again in a place away from their marital home.

This can present a delicate issue for a divorced couple, especially those who have a Custody Order or Parenting Plan regarding their children.  If one parent wants to move far away, it could make the existing Custody Order unreasonable to follow.

As in any subject regarding divorce, the best interests of the children should always be considered the number one priority.  It would be best if the parents could come to a peaceful relocation agreement that is best for all concerned, but if that is not possible, the court will step in and made the decision for you.

 If you or your ex-spouse is considering moving to another state, it may benefit you to speak with a Riverside Family Law attorney who has experience in relocation matters and will fight for satisfactory results that work for all.

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