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Russian billionaire accused of hiding marital assets

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Have you heard the news about the wife of a Russian billionaire (the 100th richest man in the world) who is accusing him of hiding assets during their divorce process?

Elena Rybolovlev and Dmitry Rybolovlev have been married for 24 years.  Elena has filed papers stating that Dmitry purchased an $88 million apartment in New York City for their 22-year old daughter – in order to hide assets from her.  It was reported that the Russian billionaire made approximately $65 billion in 2010 after selling his controlling interest in a successful fertilizer company that he started from scratch.

Dmitry, on the other hand, claims that the apartment would serve as a home for their daughter while she goes to college.  Sounds like a pretty nice dorm room to me.  Elena came back with the statement that their daughter does not attend school in New York.

Elena claims she is entitled to receive half of the property acquired during the marriage, which would be worth billions of dollars. Her husband is unwilling to let so much of his wealth go.

Please note that hiding assets during a divorce is usually unethical and often illegal.  If you are going through a divorce and believe your spouse is hiding assets, contact an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney who can investigate your case, protect your assets and discuss your legal options with you.

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