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Same Sex Marriage; Untying The Knot

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When a couple begins their wedded life together, they believe and hope it will be forever.

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court gave same-sex married couples the retirement benefits they always wished for. Now in California, gay and lesbian couples will be eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits.

What happens when a same-sex couple gets married in California and then moves to Florida and decides they no longer want to be married? Florida is a state where same-sex marriages are not legal. In Florida, their marriage never took place.

Same-sex couples married in California are out of luck if they try to divorce in a state where their marriage is not legal. However, the U. S. Supreme Court’s ruling may provide a basis for challenging state laws.

Although, even when same-sex couples divorce in states that recognize their marriage, such as California, the process is often more complex than for heterosexual couples.

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