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Serving your own divorce papers

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The divorce process, in most cases, is a long and tiresome process – not to mention expensive.  Did you know that you can serve the divorce papers on your own?

Divorce starts with the divorce petition or summons.  It details what you are asking for in the divorce agreement.  The papers, once completed, are given to your spouse by someone who is at least 18 years old.  The process begins when your spouse signs the papers and responds to your requests.  If the petition is not returned in the required time period, you would have to use another method.

If you do not have anyone to serve the papers on your spouse, you can hire a sheriff, professional process server or your attorney will handle it.  The divorce papers would be filed in the Family Court where you are residing.

If you are thinking about divorce and do not know where to begin, contact an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney who will discuss the entire divorce process with you, answer all of your questions and advice you of your legal options.

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