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Settlement Reached in Modern Family Star Guardianship Case

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This past Monday, a settlement was reached in the ongoing guardianship case for actress Ariel Winter. It was ruled that the sixteen-year-old Modern Family star would continue to live with her older sister.

The agreement was made when the actress’s mother, Chrisoula Workman, said she would drop the objections as long as her daughter watched a video montage of family photos in court, to which Superior Court Judge Daniel Murphy allowed. Winter and her sister Shanelle Gray watched the video, which contained childhood photos, weeping before leaving the court in silence.

The actress has lived with her sister, Shanelle Gray, for two years. A temporary guardianship was established when mother Chrisoula Workman was accused of physically and emotionally abusing her daughter.

It was previously confirmed that child protective services discovered evidence of emotional abuse, though evidence of physical abuse remains unfound. In court on Monday, Workman asserted “I have never abused my daughter.”

Ariel Winter has been acting since the age of 7. The actress plays Alex Dunphy on popular and critically acclaimed comedy series Modern Family. She also acted in movies including Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Winter’s brother, Jimmy Workman is also in actor who starred in The Addams Family movies as Pugsley Addams.

The actor asked for the courtroom to be closed while they showed the video montage, but Murphy denied him. Jimmy excused himself from the courtroom and wept when Murphy officially granted Gray guardianship of his sister.

Winter’s father retains control of the actresses’ finances and will make reports to the court. He will have jurisdiction over the actress’s care until she turns 18. Gray and Workman issued an official statement after court was adjourned, saying “The family has moved beyond the conflict.”

They also confirmed that they are working toward a reconciliation, and thanked their supporters, some of whom attended the proceedings and applauded when the settlement was announced. Shanelle Gray’s attorneys asked for the proceedings and case to be sealed from the public, but a judge refused, because guardianship cases in California are public record. The guardianship case was filed under the actresses birth name, Ariel Workman.

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