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Settling out of court

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After an attempt to put your marriage back together, you realize that that is not going to happen.  You know that a divorce is inevitable. You now question if you have the stomach to go through a long court battle.  Is there another way, you ask?

You know that there aren’t many assets or property involved.  A friend suggests settling out of court – saying it will cost less money and it’s less time-consuming in the court room.  You and your husband (for the moment) still communicate and can decide on the division of your assets together, instead of through an attorney.  Even though you will still have an attorney representing you, you will also have most of the control over the outcome.

The most important aspect of an out-of-court settlement is the fact that you and your spouse can reach a mutually agreeable plan regarding custody of your children.  Keeping the communication between the two of you will be best for the children in the future.

If you are not sure that an out-of-court settlement is best for you and you have many questions that need to be answered, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who is successful in divorce cases and can answer your questions for you by exploring all of your options.

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