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Does the sex of your baby make you more likely to Divorce?

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It doesn’t seem intuitive that the sex of your baby should affect your chances of staying married.  But, in a study presented using the census data of three million American adults, researchers from the University of California claim that couples who want to lessen their chance of divorce should hope that their first-born child is a bouncing baby boy.  “Fathers are significantly (3%) less likely to be living with their children if they have daughters versus sons. We estimate that in any given year, roughly 52,000 first-born daughters younger than 12 years (and all their siblings) would have had a resident father if they had been boys.”, said the researchers.  What is even more significant, the study showed that if a couple had three daughters, the divorce rate jumped up 10%.  The researchers also found out that having a baby boy does more than just prevent a greater number of divorces. It also creates more marraiges in the first place. It appears that more unmarried pregnant women choose to become married once they find out that their little package is a boy and not a girl. 

Although this data is clear about the relationship between the sex of a first born child and the divorce rate, what is unclear are the reasons behind the data or even it’s implications. That is an area for therapists and marriage counselors to speculate and battle over.  But, it puts the idea of “family planning” in a whole new light.

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