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Signs of infidelity

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What happens when you wake up one morning and have a strong feeling that something is not right with you and your spouse – but you just can’t put your finger on the problem?  There are days when he has become distant and you are wondering if there is someone else.

You realize all the signs of him cheating on you are there; you just don’t have any proof.  The following are signs for you to pay attention to – there could be others, too:

·     He’s being secretive with his cell phone and computer

·     He’s on the phone a lot for long periods of time

·     He stays out of the house a lot – working late, working on the weekend, holidays?

·     He’s been working out at the gym a lot

·     Uninterested in making love to you

·     No communication between the two of you

·     You’re finding unfamiliar perfume on his clothes

The above signs do not always mean your spouse is cheating on you; however, if your instinct is telling you something else, consider talking to an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who can look into your situation for you and advise what your best options are.

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