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Starting over after divorce

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After divorce, you may ask yourself, “Why did this happen to me?”  “What do I do now?”

I have some helpful hints that may help you process your feelings and put you on the path to a new and brighter future.

·  It’s okay to be angry sometimes.

·  Write down what is bothering you or write a letter to the person who is upsetting you, detailing everything – don’t mail it.

·  Get out there.  Don’t just sit around the house.  Take walks, exercise.

·  Talk to a friend.  Share your pain with someone who cares and will listen.

·  Be honest with your children.  It will take a big load off your shoulders by sharing your feelings with them.

Remember, it takes a while to get over a divorce and move on with your life.  Take baby steps every day and one day you will wake up with a big smile on your face.  If you need advice on more ways to help you, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney for the legal help you may need.

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