18 July 2013 0 Comments

Scared of Being a Single Parent?

ShareAre you a single parent? Do you feel overwhelmed, tired all the time and a tad underappreciated? If you answered, “yes”, not to worry – you’re not alone. Parenting, especially without a partner, is never easy. There is no training or instruction manual to buy. A single parent has no one to share the joys […]

10 June 2013 0 Comments

Adultery, Leading Cause of Divorce in the U.S.

ShareDo you suspect that your husband is cheating on you? You are not alone. One of the main causes for divorce in the United States is adultery. If there is a lack of trust in your relationship, sit down and decide what you’re going to do, Talking to an experienced Divorce attorney can help you […]

3 June 2013 0 Comments

What I’ve learned about divorce as a divorce attorney

ShareDivorce within a family is typically a difficult time for everyone that is involved, especially when complicated family law issues come into play. One of the things I have learned after practicing family law for 23 years is that not everyone is good at choosing a spouse. However, sometimes marriages fail even if you are […]

23 May 2013 0 Comments

High Asset Divorce – Riverside

Share When you decide to get a divorce, you are facing the most complex, emotional and highly-contested legal disputes heard in a courtroom. When either spouse has accumulated significant assets, it is important to hire an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney for your complex financial divorce. When either spouse has a high net worth, it […]

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ShareThe day two people stand up in front of their family and friends and say the words, “I do”, they believe their marriage is forever.  No one plans on it ending in divorce. A divorce is the legal term used for the termination of a marriage.  Going through a divorce is not only stressful, hectic […]

9 May 2013 0 Comments

The Disadvantages of a Do-it-Yourself Divorce

ShareToday, so many television networks are dedicated to DIY projects – or Do-It-Yourself projects.  Of course, this usually applies to home improvement or creative home decorating ideas. While there are certain benefits to doing something yourself, an individual should consider whether this idea has its disadvantages – especially when it comes to divorce. Divorce is […]

1 May 2013 0 Comments

Traditional Gender Roles Are Going Strong When It Comes To Alimony

Share Women who were the higher earners in their marriage don’t want to pay alimony and many men are uncomfortable receiving it. These are of course generalizations, but in most gender reversal divorces they tend to be true, at least to some extent. Most divorcing couples report that they did not enter their marriages expecting […]

30 April 2013 0 Comments

Once the divorce is over and the alimony has been agreed, you’re done. Or are you?

Share While most alimony agreements are considered to be permanent, there are situations which would allow for a modification.   Many life changes, such as loss of a job, health issues, or the inability to pay the alimony, or the change in need for alimony can lead to an alimony  modification. You will need a qualified […]

22 April 2013 0 Comments

Post-Divorce & Finances

Share It can be challenging to get back on track and now dealing with one less income after a divorce requires organization. There are so many things to consider for example Alimony, child support and any other extra expenses or income you now have to take into account. 1. Take stock. Itemize your monthly expenditures. […]

16 April 2013 0 Comments

Spousal payment

Share Spousal Support is something that a couple in a relationship considers when they decide to separate legally. The conflict may lie in who pays who and how much Alimony is set to be paid each month. Once the divorce has been filed, it can be agreed upon with the help of a facilitator. If […]