27 January 2012 0 Comments

What is an appeal?

ShareIf you are not happy with your final Judgment or Decree because you believe the court made an error in its decision, you can file an appeal.  An appeal is when you ask a higher court to review your order because you think the first court made a mistake. A mistake can be made if […]

25 January 2012 0 Comments

What happens to the house after a break up?

ShareEnding a relationship is hard enough, but what can make it worse is when your rights to property are unclear and unwritten. Resolving this issue can lead to a lengthy court process. What happens when an unmarried couple buys a home together?  The legal title is held in joint names, but there is nothing written […]

23 December 2011 0 Comments

What is fair spousal support?

ShareDivorce issues, for the most part, have a tendency to create conflict.  At the top of the list is spousal support. If you and your spouse cannot agree on a fair amount of spousal support to be paid, for what length of time, and under what conditions, the court will make the decision for you. […]

22 December 2011 0 Comments

Do I have to go to court for a divorce?

ShareGetting a divorce is a life-altering situation.  The divorce process brings emotions to heightened levels, leading to bad decisions on the part of both parties. However, when both parties can reach an amicable agreement and settlement, they can avoid going to court.  When this is the case, each party needs to sign and notarize the […]

15 December 2011 0 Comments

Child visitation modification

ShareThere may be a time that you need to modify the terms of your visitation agreement. Riverside Family courts allow for the modification of a visitation agreement because it is inevitable that something will change regarding your living situation or financial circumstances.  It is okay to alter your visitation schedule to accommodate your new living […]

14 December 2011 0 Comments

Temporary support

ShareSometimes a judge will issue temporary support to one of the spouses.  It is paid for a certain period of time.  This is paid either weekly or monthly. The judge can also order that person to pay certain bills.  The amount is determined by the amount of money that person makes. Not everyone is granted […]

29 November 2011 0 Comments

Paying lump-sum spousal support

ShareA lump-sum spousal support settlement is a fixed payment made by one spouse to the other that comprises all the support that would be paid over a specific period – decided by the court.  It is generally given instead of a property settlement when there is little property to divide. Lump-sum spousal support cannot be […]

28 November 2011 0 Comments

Spousal support factors

ShareSpousal support payments are a very important part of the final outcome of any divorce.  If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on the amount, the Riverside Superior Court will do so for you. When deciding if spousal support should be paid and if so how much, the court takes into consideration: · […]

25 November 2011 0 Comments

Types of child custody

ShareChild custody is the most critical issue when dealing with divorce.  The outcome is determined by what is in the best interest of the child regarding primary residence and visitation with the non-primary custodial parent. There are different types of custody that can be awarded, but California law encourages judges to award Joint Legal Custody […]

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ShareI’ve been asked to explain what a guardianship is.  It gives an individual the authority and responsibility to act on behalf of a minor child or an incapacitated person.  It is established through a court process. You ask, “Why would I need a guardian?”  The most common reasons include:  ·     To protect the interests of […]