18 July 2013 0 Comments

Scared of Being a Single Parent?

ShareAre you a single parent? Do you feel overwhelmed, tired all the time and a tad underappreciated? If you answered, “yes”, not to worry – you’re not alone. Parenting, especially without a partner, is never easy. There is no training or instruction manual to buy. A single parent has no one to share the joys […]

13 June 2013 0 Comments

Getting Finances in Order Post-Divorce

ShareGetting divorced can be very emotional and stressful. You may feel overwhelmed about how to get on with your life without your spouse. You may feel pain and devastation on a daily basis. However, it is important for you to overcome your grief and move forward. If your marriage is coming to an end, make […]

23 May 2013 0 Comments

High Asset Divorce – Riverside

Share When you decide to get a divorce, you are facing the most complex, emotional and highly-contested legal disputes heard in a courtroom. When either spouse has accumulated significant assets, it is important to hire an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney for your complex financial divorce. When either spouse has a high net worth, it […]

30 April 2013 0 Comments

Once the divorce is over and the alimony has been agreed, you’re done. Or are you?

Share While most alimony agreements are considered to be permanent, there are situations which would allow for a modification.   Many life changes, such as loss of a job, health issues, or the inability to pay the alimony, or the change in need for alimony can lead to an alimony  modification. You will need a qualified […]

12 February 2013 0 Comments

Post-judgment modifications

Share Are you attempting to modify an order that the judge made in your divorce proceeding?  Did you know that even after a decision is rendered, you have options for seeking the modification of the order that was established? Modifications are possible in many cases.  Modifications can be sought regarding a variety of prior judgments, […]

24 January 2013 0 Comments

What is a cohabitation agreement?

Share Married people are not the only ones who require an agreement regarding assets, property and finances.  Today, many couples choose to reside together without getting married.  Luckily, there are laws in place that protect their rights. When two people live together, but remain unmarried, they forego specific rights that are available to married people. […]

21 January 2013 0 Comments

Divorce and property division

Share If you are going through a divorce, you will most likely have incurred debt and acquired assets along the way.  Not only were you and your spouse in a romantic relationship, but you were also partners in life – building a financial future together. You sat around the kitchen table and talked about everything […]

26 December 2012 0 Comments

Divorce and financial future

Share In many divorce cases, one spouse takes on most of the financial responsibilities while the other is responsible for maintaining the household.  Sometimes this leaves each spouse unaware of what the other is doing with income, expenses, credit cards, etc. If you are facing divorce, it is wise to take steps to secure your […]

21 December 2012 0 Comments


Share Being awarded alimony in dissolution of marriage can greatly impact a spouse’s future financial security. Before awarded alimony to either party in a divorce, the court takes into consideration specific factors: ·         The length of the marriage ·         The standard of living accustomed to during the marriage ·         Age of both parties ·         Health […]

27 November 2012 0 Comments

Is a post-nuptial agreement right for me?

Share A post-nuptial agreement is similar to a pre-nuptial agreement except it is executed after the marriage takes place instead of before. It is a written contract that allows the couple to determine how their property and assets acquired during the marriage will be divided in the event of a divorce down the road.  It […]