28 February 2013 0 Comments

What is contempt?

Share When a court order pertaining to child custody, child support, spousal support, or any other family issue, is handed down, the party must comply with it.  A final judgment is enforceable by law. The failure to comply with a court order can cause hardship on the other party.  For example, if one party fails […]

10 October 2012 0 Comments

Refusing court orders

Share Are you refusing to follow court orders to provide for your children? Do you realize that your actions could place an unfair burden on your ex-spouse and your children?  How do you think he or she is going to afford the rent or house payments?  What about car expenses, food and school activities? Even […]

26 September 2012 0 Comments

Contempt of court

Share You and your ex-spouse are expected to follow court orders that are handed to you during the divorce process.  To ignore them, means you are in contempt of court and that is a crime. You may think you have a good reason to defy a court order.  A spouse who disagrees with an existing […]

24 August 2012 0 Comments

Do I need a restraining order?

Share A restraining order is an order granted by a judge that protects victims of family violence. A restraining order requires an abuser to stop contact with an individual and to stay away from their home, workplace, and family members.  The order can be filed against a family member, a non-related person living in the […]

15 March 2012 0 Comments

Enforcing a support order

ShareJust because a court makes an order for one party to pay another party support, it does not always mean the paying party will obey the order.  Statistics indicate that in the United States there are approximately 30% of support orders that are in default and a huge amount are by men.  There are many […]

30 July 2011 0 Comments

What is contempt of court?

ShareContempt of court in a family court refers to when an individual fails to obey an order issued by the court regarding child custody, child support or spousal support. When a court cites that individual for contempt, the consequences can include fines and/or jail time.  In most cases, serving jail time does not take place, […]