31 May 2013 0 Comments

I didn’t hit my wife – help me!

ShareUnfortunately, domestic violence occurs thousands of times every day in the United States.  Even though men are responsible for more than 90% of these incidents, women play a part as well. Domestic violence is considered a criminal act that involves physical, sexual, or psychological abuse within an intimate relationship. Incidents may involve battery, assault, force, […]

1 March 2013 0 Comments

Don’t wait to protect your assets

ShareIt is hard to ignore the fact that less people are getting married these days. In fact, only 51% of all adults choose marriage, reflecting a record low. Consequently, couples are living together in lieu of marriage. In the United States, it is reported that around 15.3 million heterosexual couples cohabitate. There are many reasons […]

4 May 2011 0 Comments

Violations at nursing homes

ShareIt has recently been reported in the American Journal of Infection Control that approximately 15% of nursing homes in the United States have received deficiency citations for the ways in which they manage infection.  This is in addition to reports of physical and sexual abuse between workers and residents. The data was collected for Medicare […]

23 January 2011 0 Comments

Hollywood Celebrities and Divorce

ShareMaking a marriage work can be difficult for any couple, but can you imagine how difficult it is when cameras are following you everywhere?  Can you imagine how difficult it can be when your every move is observed and photographed for the world to see?  Can you imagine how difficult marriage can be for some […]

12 December 2010 0 Comments

A new network for divorcees

ShareDivorce 2 Dating is the latest social network for divorcees, which offers safe online dating and useful resources for divorced singles.  It is an online matchmaker that deals with all aspects of life during and after divorce.   Anyone wanting to join must pay a member’s fee.  This fee includes connections to attorneys, counselors, financial […]