9 September 2013 0 Comments

Holiday Season Visitation

ShareCan you believe we’re in September already? Before you know it the holidays will be upon us – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Pre-Planning will often prevent disputes over visitation among divorced parents. Having a written holiday visitation schedule can make your life much easier; it lays out where the children will be spending each […]

25 July 2013 0 Comments

As A Single Father What Are My Rights?

ShareAs a father facing a divorce, you may wonder if you have the same rights as your spouse when it comes to matters concerning your children. Being divorced doesn’t mean you can’t still be a great dad to your children. You have the right to be involved in your children’s lives. The courts recognize that […]

11 July 2013 0 Comments

I Need Child Support, But I Never Married!

ShareThere was a time when most families included a mother, father and children. Over the years, the family has changed. Today, many families consist of a single parent – some who have never married the other parent. What happens when an unmarried parents separates and there are children involved? The laws that protect a married couple […]

13 May 2013 0 Comments

Former NFL Player Still Battling Custody Issues

ShareNothing is more heartbreaking than children caught in the middle of a bitter custody dispute. There are two types of custody which are usually awarded: physical custody, where the children primarily reside, and legal custody, which involves major decision making regarding education, health and the general welfare of the children.  In most cases, it is best […]

6 May 2013 0 Comments

Changing or Modifying a Custody Agreement

ShareArriving at a child custody arrangement that is agreeable to both parents and is acceptable to the court is a great challenge.  Child custody is one of the most highly-contested issues in a divorce. Sometimes circumstances drastically change in the years after a divorce.  If significant changes in your situation occur, you may need to […]

3 May 2013 0 Comments

Family Law Frequently Asked Questions

Share As a grandparent, do I have the right to seek visitation or custody? A family law matter that is increasing in popularity is the concept of a grandparent seeking visitation rights or even custody of grandchildren. Custody is more likely if both parents lose their lives, but grandparent visitation rights may be an issue […]

29 April 2013 0 Comments

Grandparents Rights

Share When a divorce occurs and child custody and visitation are to be determined between the parents we cannot forget the grandparents who also have a right to visitation with their grandchildren, if it can be proven there is a strong bond between the two and if it is in the child best interest to […]

25 April 2013 0 Comments

How do I tell my child I’m getting divorced?

Share There is no easy way to tell a child that their parents are getting divorced, the impact will be noticeable and overwhelming because their daily routine will change. When you have school aged kids, expect them to want to know how their lives are going to change. They may also be and anxious and […]

23 April 2013 0 Comments

Understanding custody cases & what they entail

Share As the divorce rate rises so does the child custody cases being filed. Child Custody cases can become more complex and challenging because they are negotiations between two parents, who have their own opinions on what they want for their children and what is better for them. Before you file for child custody become […]

22 March 2013 0 Comments

Tips for achieving success when co-parenting

Share The divorce process is confusing and stressful for all families, but particularly so for families with young children. It is often difficult for newly separated parents to determine what kind of long-term parenting arrangement will be best for their children once each parent has established a separate household. In family law cases involving children, […]