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Teenage children and a good parenting plan

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When divorce occurs in a family, one of the most important issues to think about is how it affects the children.  While each situation is different, the welfare of the children should be the number one priority for the parents.  This is especially true when teenagers are involved.

Teenagers are at the age where a divorce could affect their emotional and social development skills.  The negativity that a divorce brings is often expressed in a teenager’s behavior.  Divorce is traumatic enough for the parents; don’t let it be for your child.

A good Parenting Plan should include a lot of open communication between the child and both parents.  The child needs support and encouragement often from both parents – in a caring manner and environment.  When you create your Parenting Plan, listen to your child and consider what they are saying.  Don’t bad-mouth the other parent – show respect for him or her as a good, positive role model to your child.  Finally, it cannot hurt to create a support system outside your family to let out anger, hurt or feelings of disappointment.  Teach your child to “Do onto others as you would like them to do onto you”.

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