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Telling your family and friends that your getting a divorce

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You and your spouse have decided to get a divorce.  The decision wasn’t easy, but you’ve talked about all the issues important to both of you.  Now, you need to tell your family and friends.  Talk about stress! 

This is not an easy task and will probably cause some pain.  If you and your spouse plan to remain “friends”, you can talk to your family and friends together.  If you are angry with each other, do it separately.  Tell them what you’re comfortable saying – nothing more, nothing less.  Be gentle.

Questions will come from those close to you.  If you decide to answer them, be honest and direct.  Or, you can tell them you do not want to discuss the matter right now.  For those who give you advice, even unsolicited advice, tell them you appreciate their concern, but you are not ready for it now. 

Finally, how you tell your children is very important.  Make sure they know they will be safe, taken care of and loved always by both parents.  Keep it simple.  If you can handle it with your spouse, this is a sign of things to come – good co-parenting skills makes for a smooth transition.

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